20 Years

My poems are a way of expressing the deep trauma that I suffered for 20 years due to domestic abuse. This has had a huge impact on my mental and physical health. I found there was not and to this day there still is not enough support for us who have suffered at the hands of a perpetrator. I hope for the poetry to relay my personal message (my way of healing) and share that I am not alone in this journey. To relay the strong message that “Love should not hurt.” Keep strong Queens.


20 years

20 years of my life with you
We wasted it all you know that’s true
The only good thing is we have these two
You can’t seem to function
You don’t seem to care
Yet with all the hurt you put me through I still grin and bare.
I can’t forgive the pain you put me through I won’t forget it either.
You’re their dad yet you don’t seem to care If you do you don’t seem to share.
If you love our kids you’d put them first
Your selfishness would not.

[Image description: Dark writing on a white background reads: ‘You’re their dad, yet you don’t seem to care. If you do, you don’t seem to share. If you love our kids, you’d put them first.’]

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