Another day

This poem, another day, relates to what life was like for me as a victim of domestic abuse. Days no longer existed, instead they became cycles, cycles of endless abuse. He took away everything I stood for and everything I believed in, including myself.


Another Day

Apparitions swirl out of the depths
Tormented by nightmares
Your cold angry eyes
Your iron – hard fists rain down on my body.

I am in absolute despair
Sitting silently by the window
Staring into the abyss of eternity
Taunted by isolation
Cold winds echo
Supplications of forgotten dreams.

Your lust hardened hands violate my body and mind.
My soul despairs and shrivels A casualty of your abuse

Dawn arrives
My haunted lifeless eyes
Look out of the window into the morning mist Not seeing the birth of a new day But the dawn of another cycle of despair, pain and suffering.

The sun rises
And I surrender to the abyss
I am consumed by the dark sun rising.

[Image description: An illustration of a yellow sun shining with clouds around it. The background is black]

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