Pulso forte

Dilly shared her story with us, through the Latin American Women’s Rights Service (LAWRS) – a specialist domestic abuse service run by and for Latin American migrant women living in the UK. LAWRS is part of the #DeserveToBeHeard Expert Advisory Group, which has brought crucial insight to ensure that the campaign centres the voices of the most marginalised survivors, and responds to their needs.

Lutar, lidar com os sentimentos, acreditar em dias melhores, se amar, manter o foco, não se abater, arranjar forças, não amargar, se manter em pé, abraçar desafios, segurar a ansiedade, driblar os medos, enfrentar o mundo, trabalhar o psicológico, fazer uma reza, torcer para o outro dia chegar, controlar as emoções, não pire, respire e inspire, sorria, agradeça, reviva e floresça, viva com sorte, mantenha o Pulso Forte.

To fight, to cope with our feelings, to believe that better days are ahead of us, to love myself, to keep focused, to resist, to find the strength, to not become a bitter person, to keep on my feet, to keep my chin up, to embrace challenges, to control my anxiety, to overcome fears, to face the world, to work on my mental health, to say a prayer, to wait for the next day to come, to manage my emotions. Don’t freak out, breathe in… breathe out, smile, be thankful, revive, bloom, don’t convulse keep the Strong Pulse.

[Image description: An illustration of a closed fist with dark painted fingernails. There are red and blue flowers at the bottom of the picture, which grow upwards towards the fist.]

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