‘Stairwell’, the poem reflects upon my strongest memory from the seven years of domestic abuse my mother was put through. Although I did not see a great deal of the abuse, there were endless nights when I heard it. Perching upon the stairs for hours hearing the verbal abuse that was thrown at her, sitting on the stairs feeling a mixture of emotions; anger, helplessness and pain. I think a lot of youngsters (like myself at that time) can relate to this experience I went through. It tells people that domestic abuse is not always visible, it’s psychological, emotional and verbal as well.


I perch upon the stairwell again,
Awaiting your beastly arrival.

Carpet fibres tattoo my thighs.
Chin weighting down into my young palms,
Numbing blushed knees.

Your fictional words burn my skin.
Taunted jaw aches from clenched teeth
I yearn to yell.

Resistance rattles my bones
Curling toes grip the edge of my habituated tread
I yearn to lash out.

The allegations you throw.
The lies you curse.
The threats you spit.
The bitterness of your tone, is there no love for her?
Your beastly torments, why do you hurt her?

My temple now weary, eyes soaked.
Voices grow faint, muffled ears.
Silent sniffles behind the door
Mother swallows her cries
You lack a sincere apology, is the now the end?

I’ll perch upon the stairwell again, tomorrow.

[Image description:  A warm yellow window with the black silhouette of a person sat with their head in their hands. The poem ‘Stairwell’ is handwritten over the top of the image in white writing.] 

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