The smell of a dv survivor

As a survivor of Domestic Violence and Abuse I am further impacted by the fact that I am an African Caribbean woman of Colour who stands at nearly 6’1″ in heels. I mention this for there is little to no compassion for the likes of me, who fit the stereotype or preconception of a ‘Strong Black Woman’ and also the ‘Angry Black Woman’ before I have even opened my mouth.
No compassion for me. I cannot feel pain, I must have called it upon myself. I could have fought back, should have known how to leave, how to avoid and so on. The impact on my Mental Health has been real.
Reporting Assualt to the police under these circumstances result in my not being seen or heard with empathy. ‘And Still I Rise’.
“And Aint I A Woman” Sujourna Truth, “And Still I Rise” Dr Maya Angelou.


The smell of a dv survivor

A DV Survivor smells of Antiseptic used to clean her eye, her lip, her brow
She straightens out her Crumpled BODY one Joint at a time.

The scent of her Determination and Courage emits from her mouth as she screams from the depths of her Soul.

Leaving an odour of triumph as she pieces her dishevelled life back together
Closing the door on the stench of her past. The Punch, The Kicks, From Being Beaten with Sticks.

Rising into the Lavender-Tinged Healing of her Bright Lighted Future She Builds Day on Day.

Surrounding Herself with the Cinnamon Bark of Her Resilience.

She Strides Tall Children in tow, For they will not suffer. This She knows.

The Smell of a DV Survivor permeates the fabric of society.

You will see and smell her in your office, your cab, your gym, your shop, your, your, your… Everywhere!

DV is Rife you See! Breath in for her as she cannot always breath for herself!
Smell the Greatness of a DV Survivor and Be Great along With Her… Protecting Her and Championing Her Cause.

[Image description: An image of a woman’s head blending into some clouds. Her face is at the left of the image, looking towards the left. Her hands are placed by her face. On the right of the image, there is a large group of white and yellow clouds with specks of the blue sky in between them. The back of her head is blended into the clouds.]

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