Why did you not just leave

My own words – a thought-provoking powerful poem for those who ask “why did you not just leave?” Which I believe is the absolute worst thing you could ever say to a victim of domestic abuse and has a massive impact on the recovery process after.

I had these very words spoken to me by a police member of staff at my local police station.


Why did you not just leave?

Why did you not just leave
You think it’s so easy
To act liked your pleasing
Dreading each footstep
Walking on eggshells
Awaiting the next door slam
It’s sooo cold in here….
Afraid to ask for the heating on…
Afraid to plan
Afraid to think
Afraid to breathe
Afraid to eat
Afraid to sleep
Afraid to speak out of turn
No money of my own
No life outside of hell
Missing my family
Taken away from my loved ones
2 tiny babies
I’m trying to survive.
Trying to keep him happy
It doesn’t work.
I’m the mad one
You’ll lose your children
I’ll make your life hell
Ringing like a bell
Head is spinning
Hands are wringing
Tears are flowing
Why did you not just leave…..

[Image description: White writing on a blue background reads: ‘Why did you not just leave?’]

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